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Skamba skamba kankliai 2007

Kuršių ainiai (Descendants of Curonians) was founded in 1991 by Irena Nakienė. Presently the folk ensemble is lead by Jolita Vozgirdienė and Alvydas Vozgirdas. It has about 30 members.

The ensemble focusses on folklore of peoples that lived around the Curonian Lagoon – the inhabitants of Lithuania Minor and Samogitia. The traditions are not only preserved as “historical artefacts“, but encouraged as living traditions. However, the repertoire might include folklore from other ethnographic regions of Lithuania as well.

The band consists of bandoneón, fiddles, folk double-bass, bagpipes, dulcimer, ožragis (goat-horn), psalter, Lithuania Minor zither-harp, button accordion, panpipes, wooden trumpets, chalumeau.

The ensemble does 50-60 concerts per year in Klaipėda and other places in Lithuania. It also took part in various festivals and gave concerts in Japan, Germany, Poland, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, UK, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

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The folklore from the Baltic Seashore is a special phenomenon in the Lithuanian folklore. Traditions of Lietuvininkai (ethnic of Lithuania Minor) are famous for distinctive songs with very gentle harmonies and melancholy, some German influences. Great CD presents 20 variuos fishing, family songs, legends, dances, + English and German descriptions.

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